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Training program brief

“HPDC, Die Simulation, LPDC,GDC Die Design and Maintenance of die casting Plant”
On 15th& 16th of March 2018 at ThePllazio Hotel, Sector-29, Gurugram, Haryana


For the first time an attempt has been made by Alucast faculty to touch upon the die design aspects of all the three types of die casting namely HPDC, LPDC and GDC. The vacuum observed in LPDC and GDC die design is now going to be thing of the past.

The simulation process is probably known to some of us but how to interpret the same is something which the participants are going to find very interesting. Simulation is covered in detail on both day 1 and day 2.

Metallurgy and the role of additives is another distinct topic of this training program. Do you still remember the Aluminium/Silicon phase diagram? Have a recap during the training program.

The process people need not feel left out as there is a session on the product criterion for good castings along with the all-time favourite –defects of die casting and trouble shooting.

There is a question for the process people -Why maintenance? Find the answer in the training program along with some aspects of Hydraulics and electricals.

The faculty also touches upon the buzzwords TPM, Autonomous maintenance and layout design. The training intends to impart some knowledge on these aspects which are generally ignored in the industry and the pain is felt at a later stage.

Here are some of the bullet points of the training program:

    1. Advantage / Disadvantage of die casting
    2. Future trend & applications
    3. Alloy Details nomenclature
    4. Additive in alloy & the effects
    5. Basic die constructions
    6. PQ2 diagram
    7. Product criteria for good die casting
    8. Defects of die casting & trouble shooting
    9. Need and purpose of simulation in Die Casting
    10. Various inputs required for simulation process
    11. Interpretation of various Simulation results:
      a. Filling => Temperature drop, Air Entrapment, Air Pressure
      b. Solidification => Hot Spots, Solidification time and temperature, Gate cut off time, porosity
    12. Importance of Thermoregulation is HPDC process
    13. Defect co-relations w.r.t. simulation, case studies
    14. Basics of GDC Die Design
    15. Basics of LPDC Die Design
    16. Why Maintenance?
    17. Utilities Selections 
    18. Machine Maintenance -
      a. Electrical Power and Control 
      b. Hydraulic Maintenance
    19. Layout Designing
    20. Basics of TPM
    21. Autonomous Maintenance
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