Aluminium Casters' Association (ALUCAST)R, India
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Llist of Technical Papers presented at ALUCAST 2015 Conference

Sr. No Title Author Company Name Place
1 Innovation in die designs : Creating value for foundries J. M. Rathod Godrej Tooling Mumbai
2 Latest developments in tool steel manufacturing to
retard heat checking in casting moulds
U. Godbole Schmoltz + Bickenbach Mumbai
3 Maximising Al.Foundries; profit thro' development
of energy efficient & long lasting crucibles
Anirudha Karve Morganite Crucibles (I) Ltd. Aurangabad
4 Towards producing components of high geometric integrity
& quality, Simulating residual stress & distortion in Al.die casting
Dr. Shyamsundar Prosim R & D Pvt. Ltd. Bengaluru
5 The 3 plate system on Horizontal Die Casting Machines Rudolf Beck Buhler AG Switzerland
6 Overall Equipment Efficiency & Copper die Casting (Rotor) Rudolf Beck Buhler AG Switzerland
7 Importance of Total process simulation in high pressure
Diecasting and Gravity Casting
Sendil Kumar K Kaushik International Bengaluru
8  Applications of DOE and Six-Sigma methodology in Die
Casting Environment 
Sarika and Mahesh Hegade Force Motors Limited Pune
9 Technical Considerations on the Application of Vacuum
Technology for Structural Parts
Ricardo Henriques Fondarex S.A. Switzerland
10 Effect of Vaccum on reduction in porosity of A380 alloy
for high pressure die casting
Rohit Shingade and
Dr. M. J. Rathod
College of Engineering, Pune Pune
11 Use of Nano-Ceramic Coatings in Modern Gravity Casting Dilip Panjikar Consultant Pune
12 Material Combinations in Light-Weight Casting Components Gerard Vong Magma Engg. Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. Singapore