Aluminium Casters' Association (ALUCAST)R, India
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ALUCAST Overview

Aluminium Casters' Association (ALUCAST)R, India is a registered body, with Head Office at Pune, Maharashtra. It is managed by a Board of Trustees. Its list of members includes manufacturers of aluminium castings, users of castings, die casting machines and peripherals, for die casting machines, foundry chemicals & consumables, design software, casting process simulation software, dies, and others connected with casting manufacture and post casting processes.

The main goal of the Association is to

The Association organizes and conducts training programmes, workshops, national and international seminars, conferences and exhibitions and industrial visits.

ALUCAST faculty offer training courses and workshops, both in-house as well as class room type, the course contents and duration being custom designed for each client. English, Hindi and Marathi are the most used mediums of instruction, but other major regional languages may also be considered.