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ALUCAST-NADCA Training Courses 2019 : ALUCAST-NADCA Training Courses in Die Casting

The ALUCAST – NADCA training sessions were organized by Aluminium Casters' Association of India (ALUCAST) and conducted by faculty (Instructors) from NADCA (Dr.Stephen Midson for Process and Dr. R. Allen Miller for Design).

They were conducted at 4 venues- Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Gurgaon between 09 August 2019 and 30 Aug 2019 (3 days at each city) with both streams running concurrently in two separate halls at the same venue.

The Topics covered were designed to fulfil the training needs of most die casters, dealing with PROCESS and DESIGN streams. At Gurgaon, a successfully completed case study was presented by Mr. Sandeep Tandon of DST Industries during the session.

All the participants were given certificates of participation by the respective Faculty members.

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  • Bangalore

  • Bangalore

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  • Chennai

  • Chennai

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  • Pune

  • Pune

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  • Pune

Training Programs at Pune in July 2018

  • Delegates

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  • Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal

  • Mr. Deokar

The second week of July 2018 was a busy period at the Pune based ALUCAST office. Two training programs were conducted , the first on 9 July titled " Manufacturing Process Audit using VDA 6.3" followed by " Metal Flow & Solidification Pattern of Metal Inside die : Simulation Using Computer:" on 12 July.

The 15 and 20 delegates who attended the two one-day programs respectively were a satisfied lot. Most of them said they came to the programs with certain expectations and these were fully met . They appreciated the sessions where case studies of casting samples carried by the delegates were taken up in open sessions and the faculty guided the delegates themselves toward finding solution to problems. They wanted more such case studies analysed in future programs.

Mr. Chandrasekhar Deokar, Faculty for the Quality Management topics, impressed the delegates with his flowing style of rendering a dry subject into an interesting session. The sessions were interactive and delegates were given ample opportunities to speak out. Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal, Faculty on Die Design, put the delegates at total ease with his characteristic way of making difficult points easy to understand. The delegates appreciated the sessions where case studies of casting samples carried by the delegates were taken up in open sessions and the faculty guided the delegates themselves toward finding solution to problems. They wanted more such case studies analysed in future programs.

The delegates had good words for the training facilities , hospitality and the program management and co-ordination. Most have recorded that they would encourage their collegues to attend ALUCAST Training Programs.


Corporate Training Program at Eaton Technologies Pvt.Ltd.

ALUCAST successfully conducted a 4-day training course on Die Casting Process and Die Design, attended by 20 Engineers of Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pimpri, Pune. The Engineers are part of the team manning the Supplier Quality Assurance, responsible for sourcing documentation, inspection and clearance of die cast aluminium parts which are used in the Hydraulic Systems of Tractors etc. John Deere is one of the major OE customers, who uses these Hydraulic Systems in their Tractors. Considering the nature of work of the target audience, ALUCAST prepared a complete new set of topics to be covered and the course material, copies of which were given to the trainees before the sessions started. The in-house training sessions were spread over four working days 21-22 March and 28-29 March 2018.

Mr. R. A. R.Prasad, Mr.N.Ganesan, Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal and Mr.N.V.Toraskar were the faculty members. The course contents, methodology and open house sessions were appreciated by all the trainees, who also said that such sessions should be repeated at least once every year so that the Engineers are up to date.


ALUCAST-NADCA Training Program 2017

The ALUCAST – NADCA training sessions organized by Aluminium Casters' Assocition of India (ALUCAST) and conducted by faculty (Instructors) from NADCA concluded with the end of day 3 (7 Sep 2017) of the three day sessions at Hotel Chancery Pavilion , Bangalore. Right from the opening session at the Hotel Pllazio, Gurgaon,on 28 – 29 – 30 Aug 2017, through the three days (1 – 2 – 3 Sep 2017) at the Hotel Sheraton, Bund Garden, Pune, and finally the three days (5 – 6 – 7 Sep 2017) at Hotel Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore, the entire program was executed without a hitch and with clockwork precision, thanks to the efforts of the Office Bearers and other members of the ALUCAST teams at the three Zonal Centres, the two Instructors and the hotel staff.

Response from the die casting industry was overwhelming. A total of over 150 delegates attended the Training Sessions, with each of the three venues registering 50 or more delegates. Maruti Suzuki lead the pack with 18 delegates, Jaya Hind Industries, Endurance Technologies and Cummins Group followed with 8 delegates each, BOSCH and EATON with 5 each, and HMSI, India Yamaha, Sunbeam Auto were firms who sent 4 delegates each, reflecting participation from all regions of India which have high concentration of die casting units.

The design and contents of the Training sessions were conceived and developed by Mr. R. A. R.Prasad, Advisor (Technical), ALUCAST, with inputs from the two Instructors, Dr. Steve Midson and Dr. Allen Miller, who were hand picked by NADCA from a large pool of Instructors at NADCA. The two most important aspects of die casting technology, namely "PROCESS" and "DESIGN", were tackled by Dr. Midson and Dr. Miller respectively.

As many as 102 delegates opted for Stream 1 (PROCESS), handled by Dr. Steve Midson, and 51 delegates opted for Stream 2 (DESIGN), handled by Dr. Allen Miller. All the sessions were highly inter active and the Instructors fielded the questions with aplomb, to the full satisfaction of the delegates. However, a view expressed by many delegates, as per notings in the Feed back forms, was that they would welcome presentation of actual Case Studies, to supplement the text given as Course Material.

Handing over Certificate of participation to all the delegates, Dr.Midson remarked that he found substantially greater awareness and application of die casting technology amongst delegates attending this years' sessions, compared to four years ago. (Dr. Midson was a faculty during similar sessions held during November 2013 also).

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  • Group Photo Design Pune

  • Group Photo Process Pune


Training Program TP-1603 at Pune

  • Delegates at TP1603

  • Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal-Faculty

  • Mr. Viviek Joshi-Faculty

A two day training program titled "Engineering Die Casting Dies in Sync with Die casting Process" was held at the Training Hall, Amar Neptune at ALUCAST office, on 23 and 24 June 2016. Among the thirteen delegates who attended was also a student of NTTF, Bangalore. All the delegates were appreciative of the course content, training arrangements and particularly the methodology used by the faculty. Suggestions received by way of feedback were a) course duration to be at least 50% longer, so as to allot more time for detailed explanations) More visuals/video films to be use to explain casting simulation and die casting process.c) Pictures/Photographs used to illustrate process/simulation to be in color.(if this is not possible, soft copy to be given in pendrives)

ALUCAST gave 50% concession on course fees for bonafide students.


Training Program at BATS (Buher ALUCAST Training School), Bangalore

A two day training program was conducted at BATS, Attibelle, Bangalore on 8th and 9th Feb 2016. The program was attended by 22 delegates from Bangalore Zonal Center. This training program also includes hand-on training on Buhler Ecoline 53 machine. The faculty was Mr.P.Sukumaran Menon, Consultant, 4M Dynamiks.

Another such training program is planned in the month of April 2016 on 18 and 19 April 2016.

  • BATS training (8-9 Feb 2016)

  • BATS Training (8-9 Feb2016)


Training Program (TP-3 ) held at Pune

  • Training program in progess

  • View of Delegates

  • Training program in progess

This training course was designed and specially aimed at entry level engineers in quality control, quality assurance and metallurgists in Aluminium foundries, personnel responsible for development and procurement of Aluminium castings outsourced. Also of interest to Engineering Degree and Diploma Students in Metallurgy/Mechanical Engineering. The Course covered Introduction to Aluminium as a versatile metal, effect of alloying elements, classification and use of Aluminium Alloys in some detail. Metallurgy and In-House preparation of common casting alloys. Post Casting Operations on Aluminium Castings.

Effect of Heat Treatment on physical properties of Aluminium alloy and why Heat Treatment is classified as a "special process." Certificates of participation in the training program were awarded to the delegates.


Training Programme at Pune

The First Training Programme(TP-1) was conducted by ALUCAST in its own premises in the newly inaugurated fully equipped training Hall at Baner Road, Pune. Mr.VishwasKale, Former Trustee and Senior Member of ALUCAST, Manging Director, Vijayesh Instruments Pvt.Ltd. inaugurated the Programme. More than 20 delegates attended the training programme. The Programme was aimed at the middle management personnel in the diecasting industry - the Process owners, persons authorized to make changes (Shop floor Engineers, QC Engineers, Die design engineers, Tool room engineers.)

The Course was designed by keeping in mind the need of the hour that Indian Die casters need to refresh fundamentals and have systematic approach in Process or problem solving rather than fire fighting and working on hunches.

Emphasis was given on the analytical part of die casting die in relation to die casting process to explain clearly the "WHY", and not only the "WHAT" and "HOW" of die design and casting process but also to inculcate mutual respect and appreciation of compulsions of die design engineer and process engineer. Casting defects and fundamentals of process and their correlation, simple problem solving techniques was also covered.

  • Mr. R. A. R. Prasad, Secretary, ACAI

  • Mr. Suhas Palekar, Chairman, Pune Center

  • Mr. Vishwas Kale Ex-Trustee

  • A View of Delegates

  • Delegates attending the training Program

  • Delegates attending the training Program

  • Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal - Faculty

  • Mr. Viviek Joshi - Faculty

  • Training Program in progress

  • Training Program in progress

  • Certificate Distribution

  • Certificate Distribution


The two Faculty members, Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal, a National(ALUCAST) and International(NADCA) Award winning designer and Senior GM Casting Product Development Center and Tool Room at Endurance Technologies and Mr.Viviek Joshi, Senior GM Quality and Systems at JayaHind IndustriesLtd. conducted the training course setting new standards for clarity of expression and satisfying every single query from the delegates.

Certificates of participation in the training programme were awarded to all the delegates. A brief on various courses to be conducted by ALUCAST in future was also given to the delegates.