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ALUCAST Focus 2012

ALUCAST Focus is a national level conference where technical papers are presented on subjects/topics focusing on a particular selected aspect of casting manufacture.


Pune Centre of the Aluminium Casters' Association hosted this year's "Focus" Conference in Radisson Hotel, Kharadi Pune on September 15 & 16, 2012. The focus was decided as "Role of Consumables in Die Casting". Based on this theme the entire conference was conducted under the chairmanship of Mr S.G. Pawar and convened by Dilip Panjikar ably supported by a team of organising committee members of Pune Centre. The occasion coincided with National Engineers' Day. The two-day program was thus dedicated to Sir Viswesvariah and Shri S.L.Kirloskar. The Association remembered the greatness of these two Sons of India.

Response from the members was overwhelming.

Mr.Dilip Panjikar, Convenor
Mr.S.G.Pawar, Chairman Pune Center
Inaguration by lighting of lamp by the Chief Guest
Topics and speakers:

Dr V. K. Pillai, Director,CECRI, inaugurated the function. In his keynote address he categorically showed the attending casting fraternity the developments in Nano-technology and clearly hinted that the casting processes, as a whole, will undergo a sea change from its conventional nature using this technology in not so distant future. The Chief Guest also released the technical volume for ALUCAST Focus 2012.

Techincal Volume Release
Keynote address by
Chief Guest Dr.V.K.Pillai
The delegates at ALUCAST FOCUS 2012

Consumables in Metal Handling (GDC as well as PDC)


Dr Werner Mueller of Geiger & Co, Germany presented the need-based lubricants for pressure die casting.

Mr. Santosh Kulkarni of Pyrotek, in his presentation justified the need for using newer melt handling technology in controlling rejections and reducing cost of manufacture

Mr. Mickael Rabatel of Aluminium Martigny, France discussed the latest technology of liquid metal management


Consumables in Process (GDC as well as PDC and use of sand cores)


Mr Abhijit Taralkar of Ceraflux, Kolhapur spoke on use of non-wetting ceramics in die casting and its advantages.

Mr. D.V.Kulkarni, of Hi-Tech Transducers presented effective and durable use of Silicon nitride sheathing tubes for effective measurement of liquid metal.

Mr B.B. Lohiya of Compax Systems not only dealt with modern sand-core production but also with newer processes, raw materials and, above all, suggestions on environmental protection.

Mr Ashish Mehrotra and Mr Chitalkar of Morgan Crucibles accurately explained correct use of crucibles and even presented the symptoms of failure in all detail.

Mr Prasad Magar, Ultraseal India, ably advocated use of ringed plunger providing cases of durability together with initial cost vis-a-vis profitablity.


Furnace Usage


Mr Girish Vispute presented with animations a complete overview of the melting furnaces of Furntek, Pune while emphasising on fuel economy through optimum usage of waste heat from escaping flue gases.

Mr. Libor Maslo, LAC Furnaces, Czech Republic introduced a stunningly low energy consuming electric holding furnace.


Metal & Metallurgy (defects arising from metallurgy)


Mr Vivek and Ms Sarika Joshi together explained in detail why and how defects emanate in castings if the role of metal and metallurgy of Aluminium was ignored.


Die Care (Die materials) & Die Technology ( extension of die life)


Mr Ulrich Walkenhorst of Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (DEW) discussed in all detail the steels used in different elements of a die that included. Heat treatments and stress relief were elaborately discussed.

Mr. Krishnaswamy of AssabSripad Steels gave an account of die life extension through proper design of the cast parts to the ill-effects of thermal shocking. Best of all were his suggestions on remedial actions.


Mr Gerard Wong, MagmaSoft, Singapore presented first-time-right solution using flow simulation techniques thereby saving lot of costs involved in repair and maintenance in all processes of casting.

Technical Session
Apart from these technical sessions, time slots were provided to

ALUCAST 2012 Road Show wherein Ms Divya Chaudhary gave a complete overview of the association's forthcoming Mega Event in Greater NOIDA from December 13-15, 2012


A business promotional endeavour was made by a team of Economic Development Board of Bahrain. Unbelievable opportunities and tax benefits were discussed.


A high level team of Indo-German Chamber of Commerce and Nuremberg Messe also attended the plenary session


Concluding valedictory session "Using Technology of consumables as a tool of Cost Reduction" was addressed by Dr Mohan Godse of Endurance Technologies with authority on the subject in his immaculate oratory skill.

Expression of Gratitude

Special thanks to the members who supported the cause by registering attendance in number beyond our expectation.

The organising committee of ALUCAST Focus 2012 wishes to express its gratitude to all sponsors whose valued contributions made this program a great success. It was even more heartening that they all expressed complete satisfaction at the way the program was conducted.

Senior Members from the Board of Trustees including Mr Sadhu, Mr Nath and Mr Parabrahman attended the entire conference with involvement and enthusiasm which is extremely encouraging to the organisers.

Hotel Radisson staff managed the food and beverages without any difficulty exhibiting true professionalism. Their effort ensured the comfort of one and all.

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