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Delhi Zonal Center Activity
Gurgaon Zonal Center Activity
Training program “HPDC, Die Simulation, LPDC,GDC Die Design and Maintenance of die casting Plant” held On 15th& 16th of March 2018 at The Pllazio Hotel, Sector-29, Gurugram, Haryana

This training program was an attempt made by ALUCAST faculty to touch upon the die design aspects of all the three types of die casting namely HPDC, LPDC and GDC.  Simulation is something dear to all die casters and they got a clear understanding of the various aspects related to simulation through visual depictions on screen and coloured prints on the training manual.



Metallurgy and the role of additives is another distinct topic covered in the training program. A brush with the Aluminium/Silicon phase diagram and then a session on the defects of die casting and trouble-shooting were other welcome topics. All those who understand the dies were happy with the run through on the PQ2 diagram.


The session on the neglected subject -maintenance was a kind of eye-opener for the process and design participants. A brief touch on hydraulics, electricals, layout design and autonomous maintenance helped the cause.


The faculty :
Sajal Sen:BE(Mech) 1975, Over 30 years experience in Die design and manufacture, Process Control in die casting units of auto majors like Bajaj, ENDURANCE, ROCKMAN . Involved in new part development. Trained under NADCA Instructors. Certified Auditor for TS 18949 . Currently Management Consultant in New product development, Process Optimisation, Cost Control.


Rajesh Aggarwal : Ex-General Manager, Casting Product Development Center& Tool Room at Endurance Technologies. National (ALUCAST) and International (NADCA) Award winning die designer, with over 25 years of experience, working with large die casting and die manufacturing units, backed by Masters’ Degree in Industrial Engineering.

Anil Kumar Saroha:
Rich experience in maintenance of Electrical, Electronic, ,Mechanical and Hydraulic Control Systems in Die Casting machines. Programming skills on PLC, HMI, SCADA  and other systems.



The program came to an end with the distribution of certificates and a photography session with the organizers and faculty. More than the 150 page training manual, the participants carried with them the memories of an excellent training session. We sincerely hope that the learning would be cherished by them in the years to come.



ALUCAST- Training Program @ Gurgaon.


FACULTY: Mr. TEJ BAMBRA  – Die Casting Consultant



  • Mr. P.N.SADHU, Patron – ALUCAST Delhi Center, Past President ALUCAST
  • Mr. SUPREET JAIN, President – ALUCAST Delhi Center.
  • Mr.DILIP PANJIKAR, Head Technical Training and Education - ALUCAST

ALUCAST Delhi center conducted a One-day Training Program on “Basics of Die Casting Dies-(Pressure Diecasting)” at Gurgaon. The program was conducted at The Epicenter hall, Gurgaon on 12th of April 2014.

The Training program participation was limited to a maximum of 40 participants in the interest of quality of Training, however, due to an overwhelming response from the industry, the forum had to accommodate 46 training participants. Although this program subject was earmarked for Shop-floor Supervisors, Engineers and Sr.Engineers only, there were a few entrepreneurs also who participated with full enthusiasm.

Eventually, we had a full-house of 46 participants representing 15 organizations including some from Faridabad, Chandigarh and Delhi apart from Gurgaon. The major participating companies included Maruti Suzuki, Hero Motocorp and Sunbeam Auto to name a few.

Mr.Supreet Jain- chairman, Delhi
Center giving introduction
of Mr.Tej Bambra
Mr.Tej Bambra-
Faculty for training
Delegates at the training programme-photo3

The morning session started with a welcome note and a brief introduction of the presenter Mr.Tej Bambra by Mr.Supreet Jain, the Chairman ALUCAST Delhi Center. This was followed by a brief note by Mr.P.N.Sadhu – Patron ALUCAST Delhi, who also inaugurated the training session for the day officially.

A Handbook on Basics of Die Casting Dies compiled by Mr.Bambra consisting 175 pages was distributed to each of the participants covering the entire training content.

The “A” session was highly informative on the various aspects of Die designing including the feed system, Cavity layouts, the calculations of the Locking force, various types of runners and gates, Overflows and Air Vents.
Delegates Mr.Sadhu distributing certificate & prize Mr.Tej Bambra Distributing Certificate

The post-lunch Technical session “B” focused on the Die Casting process control for optimum running of a Die and included the functions of the 3 Stage Injections system and the setting parameters of the Shot. This also included the various factors involved in the setting of a Die Casting Die on the machine for efficient performance.

The 3rd and the last session “C” focused on the care and maintenance of the Die Casting Dies and also explained the various causes of failure of Dies and the preventive measures for a longer Die life.

A small Quiz contest comprising 20 questions based on the training content was organized as a part of the training session. The first three winners  were distributed prizes by Mr.Sadhu.

The program ended with the distribution of participation certificates to all the participants, a vote of thanks from Mr.Supreet Jain and sharing of thoughts by Mr.Sadhu.

ALUCAST Delhi Center has proposed to organize such training sessions every 3 months on various topics pertaining to the Die Casting field and shall be inviting experienced faculty from the various industries from the Northern region.

Bangalore Centre activity



Mr N.S. Nikam, Chairman, Bangalore Centre, welcomed the Die Casters of Bangalore, and introduced the Grind Master team, comprising of Mr Sameer Kelkar (R & D - Head) and Mr Nilesh Pathak ( Sales - Head).

Mr Parabhraman announced the demise of Mr P.N.Sadhu,Past President, ALUCAST. As a mark of respect 1 Minute Silence was observed.

Mr Sameer Kelkar addressed the audience  through Power point presentation explaining the working of their Machines which includes Robotic Extraction, Robotic Quenching, Trimming & De-flashing.The video showing their installations and working at Major Die Casting Units lighted up the interactive session.

The Session was very much appreciated by the Die Casters and expressed their views that investing in such machines was the way forward for the future.

Mr Parabhraman-Trustee, ALUCAST also spoke and emphasised the need for working with  such cost saving machines which are  accurate & efficient in trimming and De-flashing of components and to ensure the Cost affordability of these Equipments and machines, to be made available to the Small & Medium Scale Die Casters.

Mr Sudhakar thanked participants and Grind Master team and also a special vote of Thanks to Dimo Die Cast, sponsors of Cocktails for the evening.


ALUCAST Bangalore Centre organized a technical programme on 19.08.2016 


Mr. Shrikant Bhat – of M/s FOSECO INDIA LTD
(Solutions Manager, non ferrous foundry for INDIA & ASEAN countries) gave a presentation on - Flux Developments and Practices for Non ferrous Foundries.

Since this was not a product presentation, he mainly focused on basics of fluxing. The technical presentation along with good quality slides was very educative for all the pressure die casters.

28 people attended this evening programme held at the century club. The cocktails was sponsored by Mr. Shivakumar of M/s Alloytech,- Bangalore


Training Program at Bangalore Center


The two day training programorganised by the Bangalore Center on the 23rd and the 24th of July was a repeat of the same program which was conducted the previous month in Pune.

The program was conceptualised as a part of the vision of encouraging holistic development of the Pressure Die Casting industry. As a first step in the process of this  objective, two very eminent people from the industry namely Vivek . S. Joshi of Jaya  Hind Industries and Mr. Rajesh Aggarwal of Endurance Technologies,  were requested to present a seminar on the their  perspective and interpretation of the critical parameters associated with the die casting process and Die design, manufacture and usage.

Certificate Distribution Delegates Mr.Lokesh Naik introducing the faculty

In both cases the participants of the seminar realised that the work by the two speakers was an energetic amalgamation of  using the latest available technologies to assist the die casting process, the science behind the process i.e. the fundamentals of flow of molten material, the thermodynamics of the all the participating elements, management of heat and temperature, the latest software for flow analysis, the behaviour of the materials in the die tool and the machines themselves, and an intense effort to hunt out and deal with defects/inconsistencies in the castings and the process.

As the seminar unfolded and  the speakers shared their experience of implementing their ideas on the shop floor and they started acknowledging the practical issues that could crop up in terms of the limitations of the process, casting raw materials, die tool  materials, machines, systems and operator psychology that the participants really realised the value of all the work that was done by them.

The application of both the science and the technology tempered by a very real acknowledgement and understanding of the limitations, was in essence the big take away from the seminar.


ALUCAST- GODREJ Training Program @ Bangalore.

Diecasting Tool Design & Diecasting Die Maintenance


Godrej Team :

  • Mr. Jayesh Rathod – Sr. General Manager
  • Mr. Praveen Rajan, Sr. Manager – Die casting Dies, Godrej.     
  • Mr. Rakesh Ghag, Associate Chief Manager – Tool Management Services, Godrej.

ALUCAST Bangalore centre in collaboration with Godrej Tooling conducted a One-day Training Program on Diecasting Tool Design and Diecasting Tool Maintenance. The program was conducted at The Atria Hotel, Bangalore on 4th April 2014.

The Training program participation was limited to a maximum of 30 participants in the interest of quality of Training. This program subjects were earmarked for Shop-floor Supervisors and new Engineers up to 5 years’ experience only. This was also communicated in the Invitation.

Eventually, we had a full-house of 30 participants representing 15 organisations including from Coimbatore and Shimoga. Participating companies were non-ALUCAST members in equal number.


The morning session started with a welcome and a brief statement on ALUCAST Bangalore by Mr. P. Sukumaran Menon, the Training Coordinator for ALUCAST Bangalore. This was followed by a 15 minute presentation of Godrej Tooling by Mr. Jayesh Rathod, Sr. General Manager, Godrej.

The first Technical session on “Diecasting Design to Succeed” was presented by Mr. Praveen Rajan. Mr. Rajan dealt at length on the various factors that influence Diecasting Tool design starting with purpose of Tool design, Basics of Tool design, Calculation of machine Tonnage, Gate area, runner design, etc. He also elaborated on accessories for dies ending with the latest trends and technologies in Tool design.


The post-lunch Technical session was presented by Mr. Rakesh Ghag covering the often ignored area of die maintenance. His presentation was titled “Solutions in Die Maintenance for Diecasting Dies.” Mr. Ghag explained at length on the maintenance methodology as espoused by Godrej involving attention to the various reasons for die repair. He stressed to the audience on embracing Tool Maintenance as the 9th pillar of TPM activities and why it is important.


The program ended with a vote of thanks from Mr. Jayesh Rathod on behalf of Godrej and Mr. P. Sukumaran Menon on behalf of ALUCAST, Bangalore Centre. ALUCAST thanked M/s Godrej for their presence and support to this program. Each of the participants was provided with a bound hard-copy of both the Technical presentations for their reference.

As a part of ALUCAST Bangalore’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we have been supporting The National Association for the Blind, Karnataka Branch. In continuation of this support, we invited a few visually impaired members of the NAB to be present for the Training Program and assist us in the Registration process. (Data entry).This they did with great gusto and were very pleased with the opportunity provided to them.

(NAB Visually impaired members at the Registration Counter.) (L to R: Mr. Praveen Rajan, Mr. Rakesh Ghag, Mr. Jayesh Rathod, Mr. Sukumaran Menon, and Mr. Lokesh Naik.)


ALUCAST Bangalore Centre expects to conduct similar Training program for its members and non-members once every 3 months and the next program is planned for June 2014.

Pune Zonal Center Activity



Training Program on Metallurgy of Aluminium and Heat Treatment as a Special Operation was held on 19 March 2018 at ALUCAST Training Hall at Pune.  The Program also coveredHeat Treat System Assessment(CQI.9)  now made mandatory by AIAG(Automotive Industry Action Group).The Faculty was Mr.R.A.R.Prasad, Mr.Ganesan and Mr.Vishwas Kale. The training was attended by the delegates deputed by the  participant companies from Pune, Nashik, Kolhapur and Aurangabad.


Software Presentation on
“Cost effective solutionsfor choosing the charge mix for alloying of Aluminium in house


Pune Center had organised a software presentation on the above topic on 13th October 2016 at ALUCAST Office at Baner Road.

Aluminium alloys commonly used in diecasting contain alloying elements in various proportions. Some of these are very costly and could influence the cost of final alloy appreciably. While preparing alloys in-house, care is to be exercised to limit the % of such elements at or near the lower limit. This can be managed if only one or two alloying elements are involved. However, the charge calculation becomes much more complex if more elements are involved. One would have to resort to calculations using a computer.


M/s.CompubeeTechologiesPvt. Ltd., Mumbai has developed a software package which provides solutions to the above situation. The package is reported to be fairly versatile and with a very short period of ROI. Mr.Chandrashekhar Joshi, Chartered Engineer of Compubee Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Demonstrated the package in front of a group of members of Pune Center.


Training Program at Pune Zonal Centre


Pune Zonal Centre organised a one day Training Programme on “Basic principles of working of Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electrical and Electronic Controls” on 28 May 2013, The course was aimed at introduction of basic principles of working of Control Systems, understanding different kinds controllers and their application, identifying parts which are critical. This was Part 1 of a two-part series for operators, supervisors and engineers, maintenance mechanics and Purchase Engineers. Mr.Suhas Palekar dealt with Hydraulic systems,  Mr.B.B.Lohia with Pneumatic Systems, Mr. Tilak of Cat Engg, with Electric and Electronic controls. Mr.Avinash Patil, Operations Manager (India), of LK Machinery, India, gave an introduction to the working of (Pressure) Die Casting Machine, with special attention to the hydraulic systems. The delegates were shown the different systems on a machine installed and capable of dry run.

The training program which was conducted at the Training Room of LK Machinery, India, at MIDC Bhosari, Pune, was attended by ten delegates. Part 2 of the series, “Care and Maintenance of Control Systems, Interfacing of peripheral equipment with die casting machine” is scheduled for 28 & 29 June 2013 at the same venue which is now postponed to be scheduled in the month of August2013.

Delegates at the training program Mr.Tilak explaining PLC System
Explaining Hydraulic system at injection
end of PDC machine
Mr. Avinash Patil on DCM

Part II of Training Programme (Care and Maintenance of Control Systems)

Part II of the training programme , “Care and Maintenance of Control Systems”, was conducted by Pune Centre on 3 & 4 September 2013, at Bhosari Industrial Estate, Pune. The course, which was specially designed chiefly for maintenance personnel in die casting units, was well attended, by a mix of Maintenance and Production personnel.

External Faculty was  engaged  for this two day programme. Mr.Nivas Patil of Meenal Engineers, Pune, did a great job of explaining the construction, working principle, care and maintenance of Hydraulic Control Systems in die casting machines. Delegates expressed complete satisfaction of the course content and presentation.

Service Engineer  Mr.Rohan Patil from M/S OMRON , dealers of M/S Industrial Controls and Appliances Pvt.Ltd, explained in some detail the design, construction and use of PLC Systems. Mr.Avinash Patil, Operations Manager,(India) of L.K.Machinery International Ltd  explained the intricacies of computerised real time closed loop injection control systems, and the benefits of such control systems. The presentation was much appreciated by delegates.     

ALUCAST wishes to record appreciation of Mr.Avinash Patil’s offer to use the training  facilities at their works for conducting the training programme. Hydraulic control systems in a hot chamber machine undergoing servicing at the Works were shown and explained .  Certificate of participation was given to each of the sixteen delegates .  According to feed back received from delegates, training  programs for maintenance staff are very few. Many recommended that this type of program should be held more frequently and that more time should be allotted. It may be necessary to repeat the program after a few months.

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