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The fifteenth annual Conference and Exhibition, ALUCAST 2009, organized by Aluminium Casters' Association of India (ALUCAST), was held at Yashada, Pune, from 11-13 Dec 09. Chairman of the Organising Committee, Mr. Prasan Firodia, explained the significance of the conference theme "Preparing to go global". Mr. P. N. Sadhu, President, ALUCAST, declared that a Training Centre for die casting personnel is to be set up at Bengaluru, jointly by ALUCAST and M/S Buhler Druckguss, and appealed to the die casting industry to make maximum use of the facilities.

Addressing the delegates after inaugurating the Conference, the Chief Guest Dr. Bernhard Fritsche, President, Buhler Druckguss, Switzerland, touched upon the current global scenario of engineering industries. In his Key-note address, Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes Benz India Pvt. Ltd. gave a glimpse of the various opportunities available to India for exports.

A range of topics dealing with the technical and management aspects of manufacture and supply of aluminium castings to global customers, both in India and abroad, were covered in the presentations made by speakers from India, Germany, Singapore and Switzerland. These included Sector wise demand-supply gap of Castings in the world market, expectations of customers from suppliers, Customer-supplier relationships, Product liability insurance, Financing of Export business, Energy conservation, Global sourcing dynamics & risk mitigation, and Supplier evaluation.

The event attracted nearly two hundred delegates for the conference. Present among the 31 exhibitors were die casting machine manufacturers Buhler, Simhope, and a number of Pune based manufacturers of foundry equipment.

The three day event, managed by Arkey Conference Service Cell, Pune, ended with a valedictory address by Mr. A. S. Bhalla, Strategic Business Head, Endurance Technologies Ltd, Pune. Mr. Bhalla pointed out the signs of recovery by the engineering industry even in the advanced countries from the recent global recession. He said the timing was right for casting manufacturers in India to prepare themselves for reaching out to the global market.

Mr. R. T. Kulkarni, Hon.Secretary, ALUCAST, announced that ALUCAST 2010 is to be held at the International Convention Centre, Hyderabad, during 2-5 DEC 2010. He gave details of the stalls for the Exhibition in this Mega Event.

The theme of the Conference was "Preparing to GO Global".

Inauguration of the exhibition by Chief Guest

Inauguration of the Conference by Chief Guest