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ALUCAST Focus 2011

ALUCAST Focus is a national level conference where technical papers are presented on subjects / topics focusing on a particular selected aspect of casting manufacture.

Report on ALUCAST FOCUS 2011 Organised by ALUCAST Coimbatore Center. ALUCAST Coimbatore Centre hosted the event "ALUCAST FOCUS - 2011" at Coimbatore on Saturday 17th September 2011 at Hotel "The Residency", Avinashi Road, Coimbatore. The Theme for the FOCUS was "Modern Tooling Techniquies for Efficient Die Casting". There was an overwhelming response to the event. More than 100 delegates participated in this program. The program started with the lighting of lamp followed by the Welcome address by Mr.Ramesh, Chairman - Coimbatore Centre.

The topics and the paper presenter details are as follows :

  Topics Paper presenters
Topic 1 Simulation as a tool in High Pressure Die Casting
with case study, bridging gap between Design & Process
Mr. Gerard Vong & Mr. Maheswar N Morab
CAE, M/s Magma Engineering Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.
Topic 2 A Formula for Success
Cost Reduction and Quality Improvement in Tooling
Mr.Jayesh M Rathod.
Head - Die Casting Die Engg
M/s Godrej & Boyce Mfg.Co.Ltd.
Topic 3 Optimization of heat treatment cycles for
pressure die casting moulds & techniques for
increasing life of the dies
Mr. P. N. Krishnaswamy,
Technical Director,
M/s Assab Sripad Steels Ltd.
Topic 4 Improved Die Maintenance Techniques - An Overview Mr. N. Prabakaran,
MD, M/s DieTech India Pvt.Ltd.
Topic 5 Shop Floor Rejection Control by way of best
designing of Runner, Gating, Over flow and Cooling of the dies
Mr. M. Ramesh,
MD, M/s Alpha Craft.
Topic 6 Trouble shooting & Optimization of Die Casting Design Mr. J. V. Madhavan,
Senior Application Manager,
M/s Adroitec Engg Solution Pvt.Ltd.
Topic 7 New Hot Work Tool Steel for the Die Casting Industry
& Application with Case Study
Mr. Akhil Shankar,
Sr. Manager Technical & Marketing,
M/s Assab Sripad Steels Ltd.
Topic 8 New Trends in Balinit Wear Protection Coatings,
Productivitiy & Reliability Enhancement in Die Casting Moulds
Mr. Mahanthesh,
Technical Manager - Dies & Moulds,
M/s Oerlikon Balzers Coating India Ltd.
Topic 9 Die Casting Die Design Vs Process Design Methods Mr. S. K. Elengo,
MD, M.s Raltor Metal Technik India Pvt.Ltd.